Client Feedback

When deciding whether to have counselling and in choosing the best counsellor for you it may help to know more about how other clients have experienced that therapist. Here are some examples of the type of feedback I have received in the past. All quotes are anonymous to protect confidentiality.

“ Thank you for all your help. I can now see the light! ”

“ He is so much better and more positive about everything now – we all know that in the future he may need to come and see you again if he starts to slip into that ‘dark hole’ again. But you have given him the key to how to deal with his feelings and we are so grateful for that. ”

“ Thank you Crissy. You rock and you are awesome!! I will miss you it’s been fun and I feel much better. ”

“ For a long time I didn’t believe I would get through this. Thank you for walking beside me and holding my hand.”

“ It feels like losing not just my counsellor but also my friend. It hurts but I’m ready now.”